Our College Planning Services

How Our College Planning Process Works


We start by clarifying your current financial situation and future goals, then determine a ‘best course of action’.  Ultimately the goal is to get your student the best education possible without jeopardizing your retirement dreams.   
College is a major investment in most family’s lives.  It’s critical to understand the impact of paying for your child’s education without properly determining the impact on your other financial priorities. If you don’t carefully evaluate this you might end up putting your child in the position of having to care for you during your unfunded retirement, while raising their own children.

By meeting with us we can provide you with;

  • Peace of mind and clarity in the decision making process.
  • Evaluation of ‘real’ costs of college and the common myths of calculating these costs.
  • A better education for less out-of-pocket expense.
  • Expanded college choices for your child.

About Our One-Hour Session

By sitting down with us, you can potentially save thousands of dollars on a college education. If you have several children heading off to college then this number can grow considerably! During our initial consultation we will help you understand what opportunities you have available to control the cost of college.

We begin coaching you through the process of funding an education without jeopardizing your retirement, providing you better peace of mind. This process is full of many difficult questions and potentially expensive pitfalls. Whether you have a newborn or your child is already in college, the planning process is critical at any point. To help reduce the financial impact of paying for college, it is critical that you understand the funding process and the unique planning opportunities available.

Complimentary One-Hour Consultation!

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