Financial Planning Videos

Holiday Financial Planning

Financial Planner Kerry Wallingford talks about ways you can plan for increased spending during the holidays and seasonal home maintenance.

Paying Off Student Loans

Learn tips that will help you quickly eliminate student loan debt.

Women in Finance

Women have special financial planning needs. Understand your unique needs and plan early.

Buying Your First Home

How much home should you buy? How much can you afford? These are just a few questions you should answer.

Disability Awareness

Have you protected your most valuable asset?  Do you know what is at risk if you can’t get up and go to work each day?

Veteran Aid & Attendance

Veteran's who have served 90 days for our country and 1 day during active war time are eligible for Aid & Attendance benefits. Learn how you qualify.

College Savings Ideas

College funding solutions are available. You can minimize your Expected Family Contribution but need to learn how.

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