About Life Planning

During our first meeting we take the time to get to know you including learning about your goals, your prior investment strategy and about your interests. It is important to understand what you are currently doing to prepare for your financial future and how you feel about what you are doing.

In our first meeting, we will spend time sharing our philosophy with you, and how we work in more detail so we can both make sure working together works for you and me. Planning for your legacy is a long term commitment, one which is a relationship that must work for all parties.   Many of our clients have established a long-term relationship in working with us, and that is what we look forward to accomplishing with all our future clients as well. However, it's important to know, there is no obligation to move forward after our initial meeting. Here at Wallingford Financial, we not only provide Insurance, we also provide the service our clients want & need! We are here to build relationships & get to know our clients on a personalized level. We genuinely care about our clients & are always looking out for their best interest!

Complimentary One-Hour Consultation!