Family Protection

It Begins With the Family

Every family has different priorities.  We believe in finding out what your priorities are before we make any recommendations.  This may sound simple, but without taking time to learn about your family’s needs and wants we could simply be recommending the wrong actions that could reduce the effectiveness of your plan.

We refer to the Protection Coverage as your Offensive Line.

Imagine you are the quarterback and your money is the ball.  If there were no offensive linemen on the field, what would happen to you?  Most often you would be sacked for a loss or would be forced to throw the ball away. Finding the weaknesses in your offensive line are one of our first priorities.   Our “special team coaches” are here to help ensure your offensive line is strong and resistant to any “blind side tackle”

Your Offensive Line

  •  Life



     Long Term Care

  •  Medical



    Wills & Trusts

Life Insurance is a "love product"; It is the one financial tool that will keep the promises you made to your family when you are not here to keep them yourself.

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