Small Business Planning Services

Our approach is unique because we invite our clients to call our office rather than the insurance company.  We want to help. You can determine the extent of support you want from our office. If it entails processing all enrollments, terminations, address changes and employee status changes, then we will assist you.  If you have questions regarding benefits, claims, providers and billing, it is our mission to take those tasks off your plate.  If we do not have the answer when you call, we will spend our time researching the answer rather than redirecting you to another number.

Whether it is a minor prescription claim or a battle with cancer, your concerns are our priority. If you don’t understand the claim resolution, we provide the research and will analyze the claims and provide a report detailing how the claims were processed. As your advocates, our office helps facilitate getting the claims processed and paid appropriately.  When you are battling with your health or that of a loved one, your focus should be on getting better. The focus should not be health insurance claims. Let us take that burden off your plate. At Wallingford Financial, our staff is dedicated to personal service, building long-standing relationships and a commitment to your interests.  We can help you contain benefit costs, understand your benefits and retain valuable staff.  Come see why our clients continue to refer their friends and family to us time and time again.

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